Month: March 2019

  • Yoga Versus. Pilates

    It is often a conundrum among beginner fitness freaks whether to choose between yoga and Pilates. Even though they are misjudged to give the same result and can be targeted to any of the required muscle areas, they are evidently different on several aspects, some of them are as follows;


    Yoga was founded many years ago mainly to satisfy the aspects such as breath control, self-control, flexibility, core strengthening and stress relief. Initially it was not for the use of fitness, but for peace and tranquility instead. But pilates North Shore on the other hand is a modern age type of exercise which was founded for the strengthening of muscles and loss of excessive fat. The difference between the two would lie in the lines of their initial intention.


    For Pilates, equipment such as the reformer Pilates or the spine corrector needs to be used in order to perform a very effective, efficient and result oriented workout for the body, but for yoga the only things that would be essential is an exercise mat and a blanket. The two types of exercises again differ distinctly in terms of the utility of equipment.

    Spiritual content

    Yoga was founded to reach a height in terms of spirituality through corrective methods of meditation and reaching the peak of the peace of mind. Through breathing technique and the understanding of body functions the intention of yoga can be fulfilled making the fitness factor is secondary. But then again Pilates is performed with the sole intentions of burning fat and strengthening muscles with no spiritual content involved.


    Yoga for beginners is taught with the practice of relaxing the mind through meditation and resistance to make the body do things that is required to be done through self-control. It is mainly associated with the systematic inhaling and exhaling to feel how the body responds to each beat. Through Pilates, we are taught to contract the muscles and hold the position at a very resistive state, which would give an outcome of burning fat in a very evident manner.


    Both Pilates and Yoga have similar poses that are required to be held, but they are held with a difference in the timeframe needed, Yoga poses are held for way longer than for Pilates are held, and yoga also involves the repetition of one pose, while Pilates does not.The above mentioned differences can be analyzed only when engaging in both types of exercise as the body would show differing reactions to them. Both types of exercise benefits in different ways, therefore choosing to do both will provide perfect results.